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How To Get More Twitter Followers?

One way to market or advertise your blog is by twitter or tweeting. But the key to get huge amount of traffic from twitter is by having a huge number of followers. But how? Well, Buzzom or TwitIn comes into play.

What TwitIn does is it allows you to bulk follow or bulk unfollow people on twitter. And people on twitter nowadays have autofollow where if you follow them, they will follow you back. So the more people you follow, the higher the chance that you will get more followers.

Facebook-Like Toolbar For Blogger

Facebook features a toolbar that is always at the bottom of the browser where you can chat and have shortcuts to your applications. Well guess what, you can also add a toolbar like in facebook on blogger. This is made possible by wibiya.

DoFollow Social Networking Sites

As I was browsing the internet a while back, I came across this good post which features a list of dofollow social networking sites.

So what are social networking sites?
Social networking sites are websites that users can interact with each others. And by joining these communities, you can advertise your blog and get more traffic.

ShareThis Widget For Blogger

ShareThis is a social bookmarking widget that you can implement on your blog for your readers to easily share your posts with social networking sites like facebook, twitter and digg. ShareThis is an easy install widget because in a few clicks, you can already implement it on your blog.

Ratings for Blogger

The widget that I will be explaining today is the Ratings Widget for Blogger by outbrain. By adding ratings widget to your blog, your readers will be able to rate every posts in your blog between 1-5. From bad(1) to excellent(5) ratings!

Disable Right Clicking on Blogger

Oftentimes, we write unique posts and don't want others to copy them. A simple solution is to disable right clicking on your blog. This will not prevent people from copying your content because they can still highlight and use CTRL+C to copy your content, but it will prevent newbies from copying your content.

Happy Valentines Day!

I just want to greet all my readers a happy valentines day! Here's a heart that will show my love to my readers and fellow bloggers. Especially to all lovers out there! May you spend more valentines together!


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