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Must Have Softwares For A New Computer

Buying a new computer is easy but thinking about what software to install would be a little harder. So in this post, I will list my must have softwares for a new computer. And it's all free!
Note: Some programs listed here work only on Windows

1. Mozilla Firefox: A good alternative for Internet Explorer. Loads websites fast, has a better download manager, with lots of plugins you can choose from and it is open source.

2. Process Explorer: A good alternative, I mean replacement for Windows Task Manager. It displays better diagnostics, shows all processes in a better way and you can end processes quickly with this.

3. PC Wizard: This is one of my favorites because it display the full specifications of your computer. Now you don't have to open my CPU just to know what type of RAM do you have.

4. CCleaner: or Crap Cleaner which helps you clean your computer by removing useless registry keys, remove those unnecessary temporary files and it can also manage your startup programs.

5. Youtube Downloader: This program allows you to download youtube videos and convert them to other formats. Note: For personal use only, downloading copyrighted materials is illegal.

6. Winamp: A great music player which allows you to create playlists, manage your songs. It can also play podcasts.

7. Media Player Classic + FFDShow: Media Player Classic(MPC) is a good alternative for Windows Media Player because it uses less resources. FFDShow is also a must have because it enables MPC to play any kinds of video formats.

8. Free Download Manager: It is a download manager that has multiple connections that allows you to download files faster. It also has a torrent and FTP support.

9. GIMP: It is a free image editing software and is a good alternative if you don't have Adobe Photoshop(it's like the free version of photoshop)

10. Foxit PDF Reader: A good alternative for Adobe Reader. The difference is it has a smaller size and it uses less resources.

11. Avira AntiVir: The best free antivirus that I ever used. It automatically scan USB drives and deletes viruses.

12. Notepad++: It is a good replacement for notepad. It allows you to edit source codes and supports a lot of languages.

If you know any other software that is useful for a new computer, tell us through your comments.

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