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What I Like About Luna Online

Did you ever heard about the game Luna Online? It's an MMORPG which features cute 3d graphics. I'll just skip the introductions and just proceed to the main content :P

Now, the cool features that I like and I thought that is unique among other MMORPGs.

1. Class Advancement
Luna Online has 6th jobs! But there are online 3 main classes which include Fighter, Mage and Rogue.

2. Costumes From Monsters
Who thought costumes are can only be obtained through real money? Well in this game, some costumes are dropped by monsters!

3. No Looters
Yes that is right, there are no looters on this game because everytime you kill a monster, the items will automatically go to your inventory.

4. Dying is not a problem
You read it right, dying is not a problem in Luna because when a player dies, he can either choose to respawn on his savepoint(no exp deduction) or to respawn in his current position(with exp deduction.

5. Battle System
Dueling or Battling one on one is also available in Luna Online, the cool part is you can do it anywhere and when you lose, you will just respawn in your current position with half of your hp.

6. Monsters
Monster spawns in this game are fast so you won't get bored waiting for monsters, instead monsters will get bored waiting for you!

7. Fishing
Fishing in this game lets you get fish headgears!

8. Farming
Another unique feature of this game is farming, where obviously you plant and harvest your crops! (haven't tried it yet though xD)

These are just on my personal opinion. I can't list them all because I'm just starting to play the game :D

Official Websites:
http://luna.gpotato.com/ (International Server)
http://luna.runup.com.sg/ (Singapore Server)
http://luna.runup.com.ph/ (Philippines Server)

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