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How To Make Post Categories On Blogger

Making a post category for your blog is very important and customizing it is very important too. In this post, I will show how to make post categories for your blogger blog the easy way.

1. Sign in to Blogger

2. Choose a blog and click Layout

3. Click Add Gadget

4. A small window will pop-up. Scroll down and choose Labels

5. And then this options will appear.

Title: Select the title of your category (ex. Categories or Topics)
  • All Labels: This will show all the labels on your category
  • Selected Labels: This allows you to only show specific labels on your blog category
  • Alphabetically: This will sort your labels in alphabetical order
  • By Frequency: This will sort your label according to number of posts
  • List: Displays a list going down like this:

  • Cloud: Displays a cloud like list like this:

 Show number of posts per label: Uncheck it if you don't want to display the number of posts in every label.

6. Click Save

Categories Example:
With this configuration:

The result will be:

Now, How to add posts on your categories?

1. Create a new post

2. At the lower right side of the post editor, type the label name.

Note: You can add a post to many labels, just separate the label names with a coma. (ex. Blogger Tutorials, Blogging, Blogging Tips)

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