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How To Increase An MP3 Volume

Here's a guide on how to increase an mp3 voplume. You will have to download MP3Gain. It's a program created by Glen Sawyer, MP3Gain adjusts the default volume of mp3s to make them play at the same volume. Very useful when you have a lot of mp3s.

1. Download and install MP3Gain! (click here to download)

2. After the installation, of course you'll have to open the program!

The window will pop-up and it will look like this.

3. See the 99 there inside the red box? That's the number of decibels you will put to increase/decrease the volume of mp3. The default is 89 but I suggest change it to 99 because its the not so loud, not so silent, and its best default volume for if you're using winamp.
If you want a monstrous volume, and you have a good speaker, change it to 105.

4. There are two menus there, inside the blue box. You can choose Add File(s) if you're changing the volume of one mp3. The other Add Folder menu is useful when changing the volume of large number of mp3s.

5. It will look like this when you opened an mp3 file.

6. Click Track Analysis, wait until the progress finishes and it will look like this

It will show the current volume of the mp3 and the. The Track Gain shows how many decibels will be added to the mp3.

7. Now click Track Gain, wait until it finishes loading and holla! MP3 volume is increased!

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