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How To Get More Twitter Followers?

One way to market or advertise your blog is by twitter or tweeting. But the key to get huge amount of traffic from twitter is by having a huge number of followers. But how? Well, Buzzom or TwitIn comes into play.

What TwitIn does is it allows you to bulk follow or bulk unfollow people on twitter. And people on twitter nowadays have autofollow where if you follow them, they will follow you back. So the more people you follow, the higher the chance that you will get more followers.

So how does TwitIn bulk follow/bulk unfollow work?
By allowing permissions from twitter, you will be presented with three choices, Flush, Grow and Reciprocate.

Flush allows you to bulk unfollow poeple on twitter that are not following you. But be careful when using this feature because if you unfollow a lot of people in a day, twitter might suspect you of spamming and possibly ban your acoount. S a good number of bulk unfollow in a day is between 100-200.

This is what TwitIn is all about, the grow. It allows you to bulk follow people on twitter. Remember, the more you follow, the more followers you can get. Also, note that you can only follow a maximum amount of 1,000 people per day.

This feature allows you to follow those people who are following you. Because some of your followers came from somewhere you don't know and they just followed you. So if you want to, then follow them back.

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