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Ways To Prevent Slow Computer (Windows XP)

Today, I turned on my computer and noticed that it was running slow. I tried restarting, but nothing happened, it still is slow. So I did tweaking and research and finally got my computer speed faster. Don't worry guys, I'll tell you how I did it.

1. You never notice it but Automatic Updates affects your computer speed and download speed especially when it is set to automatic where it download files automatically without your knowledge. My recommendation is make Automatic Updates notify you whenever a new update is available so you can choose if you want to download it or not.

a. First, right click on My Computer and choose Properties.

b. Second, click on Automatic Updates tab.

c. Now click on Notify me but don't automatically download or install them, then Apply.

So whenever you're doing something important and an update is available, you can choose not to download them later.

2. Use CCleaner(it is on my Must Have Softwares For A New Computer guide)

a. Go to http://www.ccleaner.com/ and click download.
b. Next, install it and when it's done, open the program.

c. There are four categories in the left side, Cleaner, Registry, Tools and Options. I'll only explain the first three because they are the most important.

Cleaner: It enables you to delete temporary files that are not needed by the system. To use this, click Run Cleaner. It will then scan your hard drives for temporary files and list them. Click Run Cleaner again to delete those files. Note: If you don't want the program to delete your browser's temporary files, search history and cookies them uncheck the little boxes Internet Explorer(if you're using other browsers, it's in the Applications tab)

Registry: It enables you to determine and delete the invalid, unused and corrupted registry files. To use this, click Scan for Issues, it will then scan and when complete, click Fix selected issues... CCleaner then asks if you want to backup your registry before making the changes (Click yes and save it somewhere you can recover if something happens; Me, I always click No =P). Then click Fix All Selected Issues, click Ok and you're done.

Tools: Click on Startup, then Disable some programs that you think is not needed. This will make your computer run faster.

If you want a broader explanation about CCleaner, you can read it here.

3. Last, this is just a tip, when you are playing games, you can disable your antivirus, after playing, enable it again. (Note: Just the antivirus, don't disable the firewall okay?)

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