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Open Links In A New Window On Blogger Post

In this post, I will explain how to make links in your post automatically open in a new window. Here's an example: I Look 12 Blog

Here's how to do the example above.

1. On your post editor, click Link

2. Now, type the text to display and the link then click OK

3.Click on Edit HTML tab

4.You will see a code like this.
<a href="http://ilook12.blogspot.com/">I Look 12 Blog</a>

5. To make the link open in a new window, we need to add target="_new" after the href="http://ilook12.blogspot.com/".

The code will now look like this
<a href="http://ilook12.blogspot.com/" target="_new">I Look 12 Blog</a>

6. Finish your post and click Publish Post

And you're done! Comments will be much appreciated!

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