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Scheduled Posts On Blogger

Scheduling when your post will be published is an important thing especially if you are a busy person. Say for example your schedule of blogging is daily but you have to do something tomorrow. The only solution is not to blog or blog today and publisht it automatically tomorrow. Now, I will explain how to schedule your blog posts.

1. The first you have to do is set your time zone. Sign in to Blogger

2. Click on Settings and then Formatting

3. You will then see the Time Zone, change it to your time zone.

How? Go to http://whatismytimezone.com/ and you will see something like this,

The one inside the green box is your time zone, in this case, my time zone is GMT+8:00. Now change your time zone.

4. Scroll down and Save Settings

5. Now, How to schedule your blog posts. On your post editor, click Post Options

6. Now click Scheduled at and type the date and time you want your post to be published.

7. Click Publish Post

Note: If you want to edit your scheduled post, Just go to Edit Posts and click on Scheduled tab.

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