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Gapless Playback on Winamp

Sometimes, there are songs that have a certain amount of silence at the beginning or at the end of them. And I thought, can I make it like the radio where they have no silence between switching tracks? So I did a little search on google and found out that it is indeed possible.

Okay, I will tell you how. I will assure you will not break a sweat when doing this.

First is, of course you need Winamp. Now follow the guide carefully.

1. Open Winamp, click Options then Preferences or simply press CTRL+P

2. A small window will appear, scroll down and click Output (It's under the Plugin)

3. Now click Nullsoft DirectSound Output v2.49 (d) [out_ds.dll] (NOTE: the version number may change over time). Then click Configure.

If you're too lazy to read anymore, then skip to step 7.

4. A smaller window will appear. Now click on the Buffering tab. In this window, you will configure Winamp on how the no gap playback will behave.

The most important here is the Buffer length. It's default value is 2,000ms (or 2 seconds because 1000ms equals 1 second). Now, this buffer length determines the max number of seconds that can cut off.

For example, if you have a song with silence length of 10 seconds at the end of it and your buffer length is set to 2,000ms, then only 2 seconds will be cut off. That means there still is 8 seconds silence.

So what I recommend is set the Buffer length to 10,000ms (10 seconds) to be sure that all songs will have their silences cut off. You can change it to a higher or lower number if you want through.

Next is the Buffer-ahead on track change (default: 500ms). It allows the plugin to buffer ahead of time while the song is playing. I recommend to set this to 1000ms (1 second) so the plugin will have enough time to buffer all the silences.

5. Now, go to the Other tab. Check the Remove silence at the beginning / end of track.Next is set the value of Cutoff (default: -40dB). dB means decibel, it is the unit of sound.The higher the number, lower the sound, and the lower the number,the louder the sound is. So I recommend to set this to -35dB, not so low and not so high.You will notice that if you set it to a lower number, for example -15, some parts of the song will be cut off.

6. Click Apply then OK. Close the small windows.

7. Summary:
Buffering tab:
Buffer length: 10,000ms
Prebuffer on start / seek / underrun: 500ms
Buffer-ahead on track change: 1,000ms

Other tab:
Check the Remove silence at the beginning / end of track.
Cutoff: -35 dB

Apply, OK then close.


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