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How To Make A New Blog Look Older

Readers nowadays are more intelligent, they tend to look at a blog's age to determine its popularity. It can also be the basis on whether a reader will subscribe to your blog or not. But for new bloggers, don't lose hope, you can still attract more readers or subscribers by making your blog look more older.

1. Turn off the comments. Many bloggers say that comments are very important in a blog. It serves as the communication between the blogger and the reader. Also, many readers look at comments as the basis of a blog's popularity. But what if your blog is new and you only get like 20 unique visitors per day? Do you think that all your posts will get comments? No. So turning off the comments for a while and turning it on again once you have gained more readers is a very good method for making a blog look more older and popular.

2. Don't Add Recent Comments Widget. Of course, when you followed step number 1, you won't be thinking of implementing a recent comments widget for your blog.

3. Don't Show Post Count on Labels. As a blogger, you will be using the Labels widget. And unchecking the "show number of posts per label" is indeed a great way to make a blog look older by hiding the number posts.

3. Don't show your RSS subscribers count. Surely, when readers saw that your blog only has like 30+ readers, they tend to judge your blog as new or unpopular. Thus making potential readers go away.

4. Don't add an Archive Widget. Adding a blog archive widget on a blog is very important but not for a new blog. When you're just starting, don't put that widget yet and after 4-6 months where you already have enough number of posts, implement the widget.

5. Don't Add a Live Online User Counter. A live online user counter(i.e. whos.amung.us) indeed looks beautiful if you have 50-100+ people reading your blog at all times. But if you still don't have enough visitors, don't implement it yet.

6. Make Stat Counters Private. Aside from the live online user counter, you may be thinking of using a stat counter for your blog to monitor the unique visitors and page views. But if your blog is new, make the stat counter private, meaning you will be the only one to see it. Because readers are always curious about your blog stats, they always click on those stat counter icons (i.e. sitemeter).

If you'd notice, this post can also be applied to hide a blog's popularity. If you hide a blog's popularity, readers will be curious about your blog and possibly come back and subscribe. These methods will also be effective if you make blog posts more often and do more advertising(social bookmarking). Remember, the more often you update the content of your blog, the more readers you will attract. Plus, the more socializing you do, more and more readers will be attracted.

I'm also not saying that disable those features forever, once you have more visitors, then start implementing them.

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