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Tweet New Posts Automatically With FeedBurner

Another way to get more visitors is by tweeting(twitter). But sometimes, it gets boring to tweeting over and over again once you have new posts specially if you're not really an avid fan of twitter. Here's a solution for that, make your new posts automatically tweeted by feedburner. To do that, just follow these steps:

1. Sign in to Feedburner

2. Click on Publicize and then the Socialize category

3. Click on Add Twitter Account

4. A new window will be opened directing you to twitter, click Allow to enable feedburner to access your twitter account(don't worry, feedburner won't do any harm to your twitter account).

5. Change the Formatting Options to whatever you prefer.and click Activate/Save.

You will now not worry about tweeting your blog posts because from now on, feedburner will do it for you.

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