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Must Have Portable Applications For Flash Drives

Do you have a flash drive? Sure you do! In this post, I will give a list of portable applications that you can install in your flash drive/USB. But first let me explain some things.

What is a portable application?
A portable application is an application that you can install on your flash drive or USB stick and use it on other computers without installing the specific application. Thus, there won't be any hassle of configuring and installing everytime you want to use an application on another computer.

Why do I need these portable applications?
Portable applications are indeed very useful especially if you're a "computer geek", a computer technician, or maybe just an ordinary person with a flash drive. You can use them to fix or edit things. Just take for example if you're visiting a friend that doesn't have a MS Office 2007 installed on his computer and you to open a file that requires office 2007. Portable apps becomes handy in this situation, because with portable openoffice app, you can open that file without installing anything on your friend's computer.

Here is my recommended list of portable applications that you can install to your flash drive. For a full list of portable applications, visit PortableApps.com

1. Notepad++ Portable. It is a portable notepad which supports almost all languages and also includes syntax highlighting

2. Gimp Portable. A portable image editing software that works like photoshop.

3. Google Chrome Portable. A portable browser that can be useful if the other browsers doesn't work.

4. Mozilla Firefox Portable. A portable version of the famous firefox web browser.

5. Pidgin Portable. All in one chat client which supports AOL, MSN and Yahoo Messengers.

6. Skype Portable. A portable application for video chatting.

7. uTorrent Portable. A lightweight portable bittorent client

8. Audacity Portable. A portable application that is used for editing and recording audio.

9. VLC Media Player Portable. A portable media player that supports almost all video and audio file types.

10. Foxit Reader Portable. A portable application to open PDF files.

11. OpenOffice Portable. A portable application to create documents, spreadsheets, presentations with Microsoft compatibility.

12. 7-Zip Portable. A portable application for archiving and opening compressed files.

13. ClamWin Portable. A portable antivirus.

14. Java Portable. A portable application to open java related files.

15. JkDefrag Portable. A portable disk defragmentation and optimization application.

16. TeamViewer Portable. Portable application for Remote PC

For a full list of portable applications, visit PortableApps.com

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